Some people might know me as Deluxe498. I pretty darn recently stumbled on SteeltonMC where I've just been appointed as Builder!

A bit about me..

I'm from jolly old England and started playing Minecraft back in 2012. During that time I've worked alongside a many build teams and servers, at one point even starting up my own team.

For a solid year, I barely loaded up my computer let alone Minecraft.
Now I feel it's time to make a return to the old game, especially from what I've seen in this server. Not just from its cool game style, but for the incredibly friendly and welcoming community that makes me want to stick around!

I bet there are a few curious folks that would like to see some of my raw, first-hand experience in building so I'll just drop my portfolio right here :)


I look forward to meeting new people and helping to create bigger and better builds! :thumb: