Economy Changelog 2/10/18:

We here at Steelton do our best to provide you with the best Minecraft gaming experience we have to offer. With economy being introduced a few months back for the first time, there was a lot of sorting out and tweaking to do. A lot of feedback was needed, and incorporated over the months to stabilize and enforce stable workings.

I am happy to announce, we have finally come to the final terms of Economy and the functions that revolve around the server and the players. These changes include, how money is obtained, how money is spent, where you can use it, and backing our in-game currency with the special Vote and Donation ranks to give real world value the best of our extent.

How you can earn money in SteeltonMC:

Everyone is now mandated to have (3) jobs. These include Builder, Hunter, and Miner. These jobs are added by default to all players and you may earn an un-capped amount of money per day.

There is a passive money drops system in place where gold nuggets will drop and add money into your bank account. Mainly coming from Ores and Stone.

Where can I spend money:

The server now has a centralized market specific for chest shops and commerce. You may set up a shop and or buy from other members of the community here. All the plots cost an amount of money every 2 weeks. This system will automatically delete old players shops and or if the player is unable to maintain rent, they should move out and let another player take up the space for a shop they wish to build.

Teleportation commands to users will now cost a small fee. This system is in place to add incentive to the economy but not make it mandatory.

Precautions in place to prevent inflation:

[*]Rent for market spots: As mentioned above.
[*] Tpa and Tpahere commands: As mentioned above.
[*] Weekly Taxes: A 10% tax is taken from everyone's balance once a week.
[*] Death Tax: A small percentage of money is lost upon death.
[*] Money Drop on death: This money may picked up by player including yourself by going to the death spot. It can range from 10% to 50% at random.