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PVP enabled in Claims

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I'm not trying to "bitch and moan" about this but I'm simply going to put forward just my perspective. As a player who's invested 100 hours into the game and having spent $40 on claim blocks, it was a bit of a shock to log onto the server to be spawn killed and camped by players with the unknown knowledge of a change to PVP being enabled in claimed land.

I can somewhat understand if the laurels of a server being a "hard PVP faction" oriented server wants to be rested upon, however when I originally joined and started claiming land this wasn't the case. Hence the purchase of more blocks. I hope I'm not sounding unreasonable with this post, like i'm bitter that I'm now subject to simple PVP. I hope my perspective is reasonable, as this server was a theraputic source of peace for me.

If this is a feature that's going to be non-negotiably continued, then perhaps could there not be some room for discussion about a way to implement a way for Non-PVP engaging players to stay out of it? I don't believe that all players agree with this change, and would like this to be open for discussion. I honestly believe this kind of change will turn the community for the worse, and really hope this is reconsidered.

I'm not trying to be a pain in the ass.

I probably am...

I don't know. I'm just stressed out, I come home stressed from work to chill out and play in peace. I haven't had my fixing of downtime as I've just logged off to avoid being raided in what was originally a safe place I'd created and quite frankly paid for with money and a lot of time.

Some of us don't want that nonsense and trife. We don't want war. Even if a feature was implemented where you earned or placed beacons to disable PVP was brought in, that would be totally fine. Or the option for Non-PVP players to Opt-Out of any engagement with PVP in claims, not the whole game but just in claims. They can't raid others, others can't raid them but only in claimed land.

I hope this is a worthwile perspective on the matter, and I hope it's not a fart in the wind.
Posted Feb 22, 19 · OP
pewpew91 Bmod
If it makes ya' feel any better, PvP is currently disabled in Agartha
Posted Feb 23, 19
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