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P1ckaxePat's account of the siege of Agartha

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Many know last night there was a siege of the beloved underground black market Agartha. Members of my faction Blacknikeshorts and Pr_strats were the raiders. Also, Hobo temporarily allied with us to ensure havoc. The home team consisted of Agartha owner GeekiWeekly, along with thundercookie, generic, and eventually Leather.

It all started when Blacknikeshorts informed me that PVP was now enabled in Agartha, since it was only a claim and not a part of spawn. Thirsty for blood, I visited Agartha several times before finding my first unsuspecting victim: GeekiWeekly himself. I lit him up with my deadly sword "The Purge 3". I had slain him in cold blood. Upon collecting his head, which was some weeaboo girl skin, I gave them their armour/tools/food back because I go easy on girls (Ladies hmu). However, it turns out Geeki is infact not a girl, just some 40 year old virgin neckbeard.

So GeekiWeekly is still throwing a fit in chat, so I tell everyone to "go to Agartha and give geeki a hug". Thundercookie heeds my offer and arrives, only to realize it was a trap. He barely escaped the blade of my sword and barricaded himself in a room.

Meanwhile, Geeki is afking in another room, iron doors closed and blocked off. But he didnt know there were holes in the windows! Blacknikeshorts and I get our bows and pull a drive by on geeki's ass. Killed again, GeekiWeekly was raging. He respawned downstairs, and made eye contact with nike and I on the catwalk bridge where we had just killed him. The standoff lasted for several seconds before we informed him we would allow him to retrieve his stuff.

Now GeekiWeekly has fled Agartha, and warns chat that the black market is now dangerous. Agartha has been conquered! I claim agartha, and rename it "JAHGARTHA" after the late rapper, XXXTENTACION, aka Jahseh Onfroy (peep my skin). Also, the town we live in is named "Jah Town". Victory was ours.

At this point, Classy logs in and is informed about the status of Jahgartha. He turns PVP off within its walls. Now Geeki, Thundercookie, Generic, and even leather come and start closing down the black market. They made a door beyond the warp so the public could not get in. Their only shortcoming was that from the inside, I could open that door. Note that I never had a /home at agartha, I simply never left. I opened the door for the raiders to get back in. Now Agartha was packed with protectors and raiders, but PVP was disabled.

So we, the raiders did the next best thing. Blacknikeshorts found a summoning zombie from an undisclosed location and led it over to the protectors. The summoning zombie waged absolute carnage on the protectors as they attempted to kill it. There were zombies everywhere. It was so bad that eventually i had to retreat to a room. Many people died, and the raiders were able to steal their loot.

The summoning zombie was eventually killed, possibly by extra-survival powers since generic and leather were there. But we weren't done yet. Blacknikeshorts and I continued to lure hostile mobs from our secret spot over to the protectors, much to their annoyance. Blacknikeshorts was under invis potions to make the mob attacks more natural.

I logged out in the middle of agartha to get a snack, and when i logged back in, i was encased in a wood and glass cell. The 4 protectors were all outside laughing at how they finally caught me. Little did they know, an invis blacknikeshorts was among them. I tp'ed to nike, making it appear that I teleported out of my cell right in front of them! They were so confused. Some said I was hacking, others said I had multiple sethomes.

Either Generic or Leather auto teleported my back into my cell multiple times, only for me to teleport to nike, at a different location in the croud each time. I was just having fun, but this was the beginning of a possible abuse of mod power.

Generic/Leather had enough of my shenanigans, and did some /freeze or /trap command that froze me solid. I could not even move my mouse. A GUI popped up that said I was frozen, I needed to answer questions, and I could not log off. I quickly explained to them that I was not hacking, that blacknikeshorts was invis and was simply teleporting me out of confinement.

So was I free to go? no. They auto teleported Blacknikeshorts next to me and froze him too. They built walls around us and Leather specifically mentioned pouring lava on us. The group had their fun taunting us, and left one by one til it was just us and Generic. Nike and I were still frozen and afraid to log off bc the GUI said not to and the plugin might kill us. Leather had logged off, and Generic finally decided to free us. But as karma would have it, he accidentally froze himself. So there we are, 3 idiots at spawn, frozen.

Generic contacts Syn who gets on and frees all of us. Nike and I were frozen for upwards of 30 minutes. I was kinda mad but Blacknikeshorts was pissed bc he pays for VIP. After some complaining, Syn gives us 1k each. Fair enough.

I think we all had a good time until Nike and I got unfairly frozen.
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Posted Feb 23, 19 · OP
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Good story actually. :d

The broken Freeze plugin has since been removed.
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Posted Feb 23, 19
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Posted Feb 23, 19
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